Current Active Projects

These maps are my current pride and joys. These are good examples of what I’m capable of these days. These maps are theoretically still in active development because I can never officially “finish” a project.



Past Defunct Projects

These maps are some older projects that I’ve officially abandoned but may still have some value to you to explore/ learn about. I don’t consider these to be amazing maps by any means, but they represent the middle ground my my learning process.

-pl_crash_72_2 (now subzero)
-cp_crash_72 (remade into glassworks)


My early projets

These maps are what I consider the start of my mapping career in TF2. These are not good maps by any means, but I am showing them off as a resource for those just starting off. Everyone has to start somewhere!

-koth_crash_72 (now aquifer)
-cp_smugdotgif (hah, that name)
-cp_oubliette (my first map!)