What does UEAK stand for?

UEAK stands for United Elite Ass Kickers.  It was a gaming clan I was part of back in the CS 1.6/ Day of Defeat days that became a tight-nit group of friends who I still talk to today!  Other UEAK members you might be familiar with are [UEAK]Khaleesi (my wife and the voice of Lucy in the Sky with Lasers) and [UEAK]Damon (my bands rhythm guitarist and the voice of Kilgore the Sawcluster).


Why are you always in Source SDK if that’s not how you load up Hammer for TF2?

Pre-SteamPipe, that’s how you loaded up Hammer for TF2 Mapping.  This had the benefit of tracking how much time you had spent mapping.  I’m a bit of a data tracking nerd so I didn’t want to give this up after it was no longer necessary, so now I just load up the SDK like I used to separately and then load up Hammer via the bin folder like everyone else.  Sometimes I forget to load the SDK up though and it makes me sad.  🙁


What HUD do you use?

Stock HUD in minimal mode!


Who created your avatar?

My avatar was created by the very talented Medli20!


What server do you play/ test your maps?

My own personal server is UEAKCrash’s House of Nerds ( ), but I also commonly test on the TF2Maps.net servers.  If you are looking for your own testing, TF2Maps.net is the place to go!


What software do you use for your videos?

In game and Hammer I record using OBS, and I edit with Sony Vegas Pro 12. I record my audio in Audacity. I stream using OBS Studio.

I compile and pack my maps using CompilePal.