Yearly Archives: 2015

Probed Official! Moonshine Event Official!

Hey, I’m bad at keeping this updated, apparently! If you happened to miss it, my project koth_probed was added into the Invasion update! You can hear me geeking out about that story of how it got in on this video: And check out the official release trailer here: And immediately following the Invasion update, a […]

Glassworks RC6A!

This version will be played in UGC Season 16! TF2 Maps Thread with Download Release Candidate 6 Fixed a number of gameplay issues Overhauled final lighting Fixed a few symmetry issues Adjusted some clipping (natch) Improved optimization Fixed a few small material issues Cleaned up detailing in a few places Vague as hell changelog, I […]

Glassworks RC5!

TF2 Maps Thread with Download Release Candidate 5 Improved fps/ optimization significantly on last Added a couple new small ammo packs near second area (good idea, yttrium!) Fixed clipping issue on basement drop-down (thanks yttrium!) Fixed window changes between last and upper lobby not being mirrored (thanks ScarF4ce!) Fixed minor stickybomb hiding spot in narrow […]

Trainsawlaser RC2, Trainsawlaser Pro, Wubwubwub Remix! 2

TF2Maps thread with download for Wubwubwub Remix Remix changelog Added to the song randomizer system: 8 new buildups (16 total) 8 new short voice clips (16 total) 5 new long voice clips (8 total) 8 new songs with full map-choreography (16 total) 2 new rare songs with complete buildups and drops (6144 possible dubstep combinations, […]

I’m way behind! Glassworks RC4/RC4a!

TF2 Maps Thread with Download Release Candidate 4 Overhauled basement under last extensively, streamlined it and open it up to make a more viable route Added “cage” cover on the exit of the basement going to last Added “sneaky” side area connecting to the formerly dead-end engineer nest room on last Did further detailing, focusing […]