I’m way behind! Glassworks RC4/RC4a!

TF2 Maps Thread with Download

Release Candidate 4
Overhauled basement under last extensively, streamlined it and open it up to make a more viable route
Added “cage” cover on the exit of the basement going to last
Added “sneaky” side area connecting to the formerly dead-end engineer nest room on last
Did further detailing, focusing on final
Adjusted lighting to be a bit more dramatic on final
Smoothed out clipping on ceiling of spawns
Moved a few health/ ammo packs around
Drastically widened main doorway to last and adjusted barrel pallets
Made upper lobby window between rooms smaller and off to one side
Removed the first crate on either side of mid point, stopping most classes


Release Candidate 4a
Fixed crashing bug by removing the lightmap settings I set to test and forgot about ON ONE PIPE PROP AND I SPENT ALL DAY SEARCHING FOR IT AND IT WAS SO SIMPLE HAHA KILL ME
Fixed some improperly colored signage/ glass in Blu base
Added a couple new signs in the basement
Added minor detailing to glass in front of basement drop down to point out that it is not a route
Updated the localization files

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