Trainsawlaser RC2, Trainsawlaser Pro, Wubwubwub Remix! 2

TF2Maps thread with download for Wubwubwub Remix
Remix changelog
Added to the song randomizer system:
8 new buildups (16 total)
8 new short voice clips (16 total)
5 new long voice clips (8 total)
8 new songs with full map-choreography (16 total)
2 new rare songs with complete buildups and drops
(6144 possible dubstep combinations, plus 2 full rare songs)

Added in the amazing custom particles created for the map by the talented FissionMetroid101
Added in the killer custom speaker props created for the map by JukeBox
Extended capture timer to 7 minutes each
Adjusted some of the older songs/ sequences to bring them up to date with the new ones visually
Added in a proper photosensitive epilepsy warning on the wall of spawn
Added a few minor eastereggs to the map (including Old Man Jenkin’s contest overlay!)
Added ramps to the base of the Wubship’s cannons, allowing players easy access back to the main floor
Almost doubled the maps filesize to 107Mb uncompressed (whoops)


TF2Maps thread with download for Trainsawlaser

Release Candidate 2 Changelog
Added a plethora of particles created by FissionMetroid101
Added grinder/ banana hazard behind mid-laser
Moved a few trains around because fuck you, players (this does not include the one right out side of spawn, lol)
Fixed audio bug that has been bothering me for a year, yaaayyyy!
Added contest overlay for Old Man Jenkins
Added two new voice lines provided by mysel– I mean Muselk
Adjusted material usage because it sounded like fun
Reduced entity count from 1374 to 1344!


TF2Maps thread with download for Trainsawlaser Pro
Pro Release Candidate 1 Changelog
Split from RC2 of Trainsawlaser (minus new particles) with the following changes:
Added the uber laser particles and optimized blood spray particles for the saws, courtesy of FissionMetroid101
Changed round timers to 3 minutes each
Changed capture timer to 8 seconds as a scout
Changed base spawn wave timer to 5 seconds minimum (vs 2 on stock version)
Changed acid pit on side to water
Removed a few trains around mid and all falling trains in spawn courtyard
Removed top-down laser hazard from mid
Removed 100 kill milestone events (but added new Train God voice lines for each 100 kills, courtesy of UEAKCarnage)
Removed all spells from the map
Set trainsharks in acid pits to come out at set times (every 13 seconds) rather than between an interval
Set “spontaneous combustion room” rockets to fire on a set time (starting the sequence every 30 seconds) rather than between an interval
Set spawn courtyard trains to go by at set times (every 30 seconds) rather than between an interval
Added clipping over main structures in front of spawns and mid laser support to prevent jumping classes getting over them (did not clip over mid buildings, though)
Activated uber laser in spawn rooms

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