Probed Official! Moonshine Event Official!

Hey, I’m bad at keeping this updated, apparently! If you happened to miss it, my project koth_probed was added into the Invasion update! You can hear me geeking out about that story of how it got in on this video: And check out the official release trailer here: And immediately following the Invasion update, a […]

Glassworks RC6A!

This version will be played in UGC Season 16! TF2 Maps Thread with Download Release Candidate 6 Fixed a number of gameplay issues Overhauled final lighting Fixed a few symmetry issues Adjusted some clipping (natch) Improved optimization Fixed a few small material issues Cleaned up detailing in a few places Vague as hell changelog, I […]

Glassworks RC5!

TF2 Maps Thread with Download Release Candidate 5 Improved fps/ optimization significantly on last Added a couple new small ammo packs near second area (good idea, yttrium!) Fixed clipping issue on basement drop-down (thanks yttrium!) Fixed window changes between last and upper lobby not being mirrored (thanks ScarF4ce!) Fixed minor stickybomb hiding spot in narrow […]

Trainsawlaser RC2, Trainsawlaser Pro, Wubwubwub Remix! 2

TF2Maps thread with download for Wubwubwub Remix Remix changelog Added to the song randomizer system: 8 new buildups (16 total) 8 new short voice clips (16 total) 5 new long voice clips (8 total) 8 new songs with full map-choreography (16 total) 2 new rare songs with complete buildups and drops (6144 possible dubstep combinations, […]

I’m way behind! Glassworks RC4/RC4a!

TF2 Maps Thread with Download Release Candidate 4 Overhauled basement under last extensively, streamlined it and open it up to make a more viable route Added “cage” cover on the exit of the basement going to last Added “sneaky” side area connecting to the formerly dead-end engineer nest room on last Did further detailing, focusing […]

Glassworks RC3 released!

TF2 Maps Thread with Download Release Candidate 3 Removed mineshaft tunnel to basement Added new structure connecting to lower lobby where the tunnel used to be Widened drop down opening to basement Replaced side doors of mid shack with smaller open windows Widened/ raised 2nd to Mid main route doorways quite a bit Added more […]

Probed B6 out now! Final build for MvA contest!

Went pretty nuts on this project this past couple weeks.  I’m pretty proud of where it’s standing right now.  The finale is probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever created in a serious map.  (That last part felt important to clarify, we’re not quite talking wubwubwub levels of madness, but it’s still pretty intense) […]

Probed B2 out now!

This is my first public release of Probed.  I’ve been doing some internal testing with it, and a new version is going to be out very soon!  Gotta beat the monday contest deadline!  Probably going to make a release trailer for it rather than any changelogs before the contest is over.   TF2Maps Thread with […]