Probed B2 out now!

This is my first public release of Probed.  I’ve been doing some internal testing with it, and a new version is going to be out very soon!  Gotta beat the monday contest deadline!  Probably going to make a release trailer for it rather than any changelogs before the contest is over.


TF2Maps Thread with downloads


72Hr release version

Beta 1
Private test build
Detailed a bunch
Reduced UFO buff uber length from 10 seconds to 3
Added 6 second quick-fix type overheal effect to UFO buff
Made tractor beams more reliable
Alien ship now does damage over time to anyone inside of it (9 damage per tick, same as underworld on viaduct_event)
Added 3 more non-interactive UFO’s
Added new particle effects
Added a few of the new MvA custom props
Fixed some clipping issues (always)
Made a bunch of visible nodraw faces and forgot them before compile lol

Beta 2
Remade alien ship entirely
Massive detail pass
Preliminary lighting pass
Added new route behind capture point with health/ ammo pack
3d skybox added (it sucks, I’m going to remake it)
Tweaked UFO buffs, added crit boost
Started finale event animation stuff, no finished though
Redid how the tractor beams work using the new impulse entity
Removed a buggy UFO ship
Added more MvA custom props
Added more custom particle effects (thanks, metroid!)

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