Probed B6 out now! Final build for MvA contest!

Went pretty nuts on this project this past couple weeks.  I’m pretty proud of where it’s standing right now.  The finale is probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever created in a serious map.  (That last part felt important to clarify, we’re not quite talking wubwubwub levels of madness, but it’s still pretty intense)  Check it out below!

TF2Maps Thread with downloads


Changelogs since last post:

Beta 3
Finished finale event actions, audio still WIP
Made the UFO ship event happen slightly less often (Random between 50 and 90 seconds before, now 65 and 95 seconds)
UFO ship now also stays for a shorter time (10 seconds before, now 8 seconds)
Reduced capture time by 2 seconds (10 seconds before, now 8 seconds at x1)
Reduced damage per tick inside of ship (9 before, now 7)
Gave those entering ship a very slight overheal on top of getting healed up to full
Moved alien ship teleporters to opposites sides of where each team spawns.
Added health packs to ship
Added ramps facing teleporters on ship
Lowered to almost ground level locations where players teleport back in from ship
Remade 3d skybox
Fixed some visleaf issues
Adjusted lighting all over

Beta 4
I did all this stuff
Added aliens that spawn into the map over time and can be destroyed by the player
These aliens are trying to take out the mercs defense system before their mothership arrives
Near-finalized finale events timings, particle effects, and audio
Implemented a whole lot more of FissionMetroid’s particles
Streamlined the crate jumps next to middle into mostly a ramp
Big optimization pass
Did more detailing
Adjusted lighting

Beta 5
Added new route from lower area behind capture point to upper area above it
Okay finale is definitely insane now
Removed tractor beam pulls from inside the silo at mid
Lowered middle structure on ship and minimalized extra brushwork
Got rid of a bunch of in-the-way details on ship
Added clipping boxes that catch you as you teleport onto ship, killing off momentum
Cleaned up a few routes
Did I mention particles yet? Because Particles
Did a lot more clipping
Started optimizing lightmaps
Adjusted lighting

Beta 6
Fixed the health pack in the center of the ship occasionally getting blocked by func_door moving the parts above it
Fixed missing point_spotlight on middle

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